our discount system aims to encourage investors by adding a Progressive ascending bonus according to the total amount spend on bEUBI token purchases.


discount levels :


100$ to 1000$ >>  you will get a bonus of 2%


1000$ to 10000$ >>  you will get a bonus of 5%


more than 10000$ >>  you will get a bonus of 10%


how to participate in the  DISCOUNT SYSTEM


to participate in the  DISCOUNT SYSTEM you need just to create an account on the  website and be sure to log in before purchasing your tokens, and the system will calculate your discount level and add the correspondent bonus to your purchase.


example :


your total purchase of the bEUBI token is 1000$, which means you are on level 2 and your discount is 5%.


now you place an order to buy 1000$ worth of bEUBI token, after successful payment you will get 1050$ worth of bEUBI token ( 1000$ + 50$ bonus ).